You are the sales expert and know your market better then anyone else and that’s why we want to support you with insights that make your job easier. You have started to use Beelert because you want to know which companies explore your website. The real value of Beelert is converting more B2B leads that you normally would have missed.
We want to help you to get the most out of Beelert in 3 steps:

Step 1 – Identify

When starting the day you check your email, see what happened on Facebook, check the relevant industry news, see who viewed your LinkedIn profile AND check on Beelert. As Beelert is a real-time tool make sure to check it every day not to miss the hottest leads! You can also collect the identified organizations in an Excel file with the help of a .csv export. This way you can share the results with your colleagues in a weekly sales meeting.

Step 2 – Qualify

In the portal you will see the identified organizations appearing on your screen. Now it is time to qualify these organizations, which ones are interesting and which are not. The Beelert detail view will give you all the relevant details to qualify them into Customers, Leads, Competitors and Others.


Current customers also check your website, but it is interesting to know why. You will want to check the pages viewed table to see what they looking at on the website. This gives you an idea if they are looking at other products on your website. An excellent opportunity to cross-sell and the contact is warm!

Existing Leads

Existing leads are organization you already contacted before via other channels like mailings, cold calling or network events. Beelert helps you to prioritize them as these organizations show pro-active interest to check out your site. Follow up with these companies first!

Unknown prospects

Unknown companies also visit your website and Beelert already shows the Hotness of a lead for you. Go to the detail view to see how hot this lead is for you.

The visits graph: the more pages they viewed, the more interested a company usually is.

The website: check out what kind of company it is and if your products or services can be of value.

The LinkedIn: check out the company profile and employees. Check who is close to you for a direct invite or who in your own network can perhaps introduce you.

Key People: Beelert already find the key people for you so can easily check if they are in your network.

The Twitter & Facebook: check the community to see the latest news and discussions. This will give you valuable topics to discuss and show that you have come prepared.

The pages viewed: check what pages were viewed. This will give you a great way to immediately tab into a real need instead of phishing for information like everyone else.


And of course there are so many other organizations that visit your website. Some of them are not relevant to you as a sales person, but could be very relevant for a colleague of yours.

Competitors: the usual suspects or start-ups that are doing their research

Suppliers: looking to see what is new and if they can sell you something.

Local administration: are you’re permits in order?

Labor unions: everybody happy in the company?

Universities: students who are doing market research or looking

Step 3 – Follow up & close

Now you have qualified the organizations and selected the hottest leads you want to follow up. Beelert let you see that it is very likely the company you are about to contact, has an actual interest in your business. The best way of connecting to a lead is to offer your help, to be a solution to their problems. If you are truly helping someone, they will be also inclined to buy your services.

Call: some people are used to cold calling so this one is easy for them, others are a bit hesitant. The most important thing is not to be too intrusive by beginning your conversation by “hey I saw that someone from your company was on our website just an hour ago”. There are so many other ways to connect to someone to do your pitch and get that appointment. Do a mini survey on the relevant subject to open the conversation, offer your whitepaper and add them to your newsletter after the call.

LinkedIn: if you know who is linked to the organization, you can connect to the most relevant person via LinkedIn. It helps if you know someone who can introduce you. This is visible in the “how are you connected “ section in LinkedIn. Make sure to send your key message in the invite.

Mail: If you want to mail someone, but you don’t have the address you can also use Google. Try searching on Google for ‘First name’ [space] This will probably deliver you an email address and let you bypass the

We believe you have valuable products and services to offer solutions to your customers. When you approach companies with the right message you are increasing your chance to close the deal. Beelert is developed to support you. We can’t deliver you a hole-in-one but we will put it on the green.

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